EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE"
 EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE" Acrylic, food labels, eggshell, dried flowers and fishnet on canvas  EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE" Acrylic, food labels, eggshell, and fishnet on canvas  EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE"  EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE" Food dyes and acrylic on canvas  EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE"
video play button EXPO Milano 2015 - "CIRCLE OF LIFE" September 7-18

Exhibition: Circle of Life
Curated by: Gloria Porcella and Aneta Ilic - Gallery Ca' d'Oro
Event organizer: Gabriella Carluchi

Serbian Pavillion at Expo Milano 2015
September 7-18

Sandra Vucicevic: ARTIST STATEMENT

Our health depends on our choice of food. Yet, it is usually when one becomes sick or overweight that one starts to truly pay attention to one’s diet. For me, that moment of insight occurred after I became pregnant with my daughter. Being aware that my eating habits directly affect my baby made me think more about the actual ingredients we consume in food products sold at the grocery store. I became obsessed with reading food labels and realized how many artificial ingredients such as food enhancers and food dyes are hidden in numerous food products. This concern became the inspiration for my series of works called “You Are What You Eat”, dedicated to raising awareness in consumers of the true content and quality of factory produced food.

In two mixed media paintings from this series: “Food Diary - Venus” and Food Diary – David,” I painted the bodies of the male and female nudes overlaid with food labels which I collected and cut out from food products my husband and I consumed in one month. In a way these pieces represent our “food diary” for this period of time, hence the title. Beside using acrylic paint, food labels and molding paste, I also worked crushed eggshells, dried plants, and grocery fishnet into the surface of the paintings to give them a third dimension and a sense of “the real”.

Similarly, in the installation “Untitled – Food Dye Color Wheel” which is the second part of the “You Are What You Eat” project, I painted a color wheel using both real food dyes and acrylic paint on canvas. This installation also includes a set of colorful cards which contain info on the artificial food colorings permitted in the EU and USA and describe possible health problems they can cause in consumers. The info cards are “served” to the audience on a food platter to convey, conceptually, the message as to “what we actually eat”, and to embrace audience participation.